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Excel Education: Our Video Tutorials To Help You With Microsoft Excel

by | May 7, 2021 | ERP

Excel Education

Complete I.T. have a growing series of Excel Education videos. Short tutorials covering how to get the most out of Microsoft Excel, quickly and easily.

Microsoft Excel plays a key part across many functions within a business and can be used to pull in various pieces of information from different files, into one single location. 

Using Excel spreadsheets can sometimes be confusing which is why we have created a series of videos to help you. We explain how to format cells, cover date formatting and many more useful functions. Discover some of our videos below!

Excel Education: A quick guide to Formatting Cells

Excel Education: A quick guide to the Fill Handle

Excel Education: A quick guide to Formula Auditing

Excel Education: A quick guide to Date Formatting


To watch all of our Excel Education videos or if you would like more Microsoft advice please visit our Microsoft Resouces Page.