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How easy is it to hack an ATM?

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Archived Articles

Unfortunately, it’s shockingly easy to hack an ATM. Researchers say that in just under 10 minutes an attack can be executed (CBS Interactive, 2019).

A hacker can run malware on an ATM and then is able to dispense cash and collect data from your card. Therefore as a result of using an infected machine a hacker could retrieve data from your card and one ATM could infect a whole network of ATMs.

An ATM is effectively just a computer attached to a safe and armed with a drill, a hacker can gain access to the computer and USB to infect the ATM with malware.

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Bank branches and cameras

It is recommended that you go to ATMs within bank branches or with security cameras as these are less likely to be hacked, especially in foreign countries.


General Safety

To learn more about ATM safety, find out more from Mastercard.