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How to Keep Your Endpoints Secure No Matter Where Your Team Are

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Cyber Security

How to Keep Your Endpoints Secure No Matter Where Your Team Are

Many of us have adjusted to a flexible, remote working lifestyle over the last couple of years which has improved our work-life balance. Over the festive period, it is inevitable that we will be mulled wine and tinseled out so it’s important to not lose focus on cyber security.

Cyber criminals take advantage during holidays such as Christmas, hoping that we will let our guard down and fall victim to an attack.

Are your team working remotely over Christmas?

Whether your team are working from the office or remotely, it is important to ensure they remain vigilant to phishing attacks and keep their passwords strong.

From user education to firewall protection, it is also important that company owners and IT teams ensure that all of their company-owned devices are secured.

Working from home over Christmas

How can you secure your endpoints?

When our teams go from office-based to working from different locations, our cyber security requirements change. In order to help keep your critical business data safe, you need to protect all of the devices that your team use on a daily basis, so that no matter where they are, their devices are secure.

Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated and attacks are on the up. According to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) “In the first four months of 2021, the NCSC handled the same number of ransomware incidents as for the whole of 2020 – which was itself a number more than three times greater than in 2019.”

Traditional anti-virus solutions are not equipped to protect your team’s devices from zero day attacks (unknown security vulnerabilities) that cyber criminals use to attempt to gain access to systems and data. Your organisation needs a robust and sophisticated solution to help protect your business-critical data from malicious malware attacks, such as ransomware.

With Total Endpoint Security, AI technology is used to monitor, review behaviours and record the information in a central database for analysis, investigation and reporting. Zero day and cryptomining attacks are recognised quickly and in the event malicious behaviour is detected, your files will be restored to the last known safe version.

Total Endpoint Security from Complete I.T. features include:

  • All end-user devices are monitored 24/7 and malicious activity is flagged
  • Track all of your IT assets’ age and specifications, including serial and model numbers
  • Carry out automatically scheduled updates (patch management) of Windows and selected 3rd party applications
  • Together with your CIT Technical Consultant, you will be able to produce a Cyber Security Risk Assessment report that your business can use to demonstrate compliance and plan future cyber security initiatives
  • Our Compliance and Security module automatically applies our recommended security settings and additional settings that we can configure for you, such as disabling the use of USB storage devices, to all your endpoints and enforces protection every 5 minutes
  • Reporting to show the performance history of all endpoints, allowing your business to demonstrate the commitment you have made to securing your data (remember GDPR is about demonstrating and not just doing)