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How to make your business greener

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Archived Articles

In this new, socially responsible age, businesses have a duty to try and make their operations more environmentally friendly. As climate change really begins to affect daily life, the corporate carbon footprint should be of concern.

Simple moves like turning office lights off at night will have some small effect, but there are far greater reductions that can be made.

Dump the datacentre

Although vital to your operations, the company datacentre is also a major contributor to your carbon footprint. Running servers 24x7x365 draws a lot of power – but the air conditioning systems used to cool computer hardware are even more power-hungry. According to some estimates, computer datacentres account for 1.5% of the total electricity used on Earth – and that figure continues to grow.

Moving key business applications and services into the Cloud can help to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Using programs like Microsoft Azure allows your business to share server resources (but not data) with other companies. Consequentially the power and air conditioning is divided between all of the service users, so they all reduce the amount of power they use, and carbon they produce.

Mobilise meetings

Mobile sales and service teams are nothing new – nor is the weekly team meeting held at head office. But when employees work across the country, these trips to head office take hours – and generate plenty of pollution.

Modern video conferencing tools, like Skype for Business, allow your team to hold meetings from their home office – or even their nearest coffee shop. Also, as mobile networks improve, your workers in the field can even participate in these conferences while out and about using their smartphones or tablets.

So as well as helping to reduce your expenses bill, video conferencing tools also allow you to cut out unnecessary journeys – and the carbon these car journeys create.

Saving the world – and your budget

Using these two techniques your business can immediately begin to reduce its carbon footprint, helping you do your bit for the planet. Not only does this help your company meet its own corporate social responsibility targets, but it also helps to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to reducing any negative effect you may be having on the environment.

There’s one more benefit for the Finance Director – these Cloud technologies have both been shown to reduce costs so as well as saving the planet you’ll also improve your profit margins!

To learn more about using the Cloud to improve your green credentials, please get in touch.