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Information Security Webinar – Prevent Your Business Info From Getting Into the Wrong Hands

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Cyber Security, Data Protection

Did you know that hacking accounts for over half of all recent data breaches? A successful breach means that your business’ sensitive data and information is now compromised.

Information is everything to a business and often is what makes the business, thus making it the most valued asset. Whether that be the personal data of your employees and clients/customers, or the trade secrets that give your company its unique selling point. You want to protect this information at all costs, which is why we always encourage a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

In this Webinar, Ben Russell CISSP – Lead Technical Consultant at Complete I.T. covers a number of Information Security concepts that will help you keep your information safe and secure as well as how Microsoft 365 can help you manage and audit your data.

Watch the webinar below:

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