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Is your IT just ‘OK’?

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Archived Articles

We speak to businesses every day who describe their IT support, systems and infrastructure as ‘ok’. I am sure many of you would say the same.

Is ‘ok’ enough? What happens when cyber criminals decide to target your business? Would your IT be good enough to ensure you can still keep running and working as you need to?

At Complete I.T. we are always striving to be the best, it is not easy but we take your businesses IT very seriously, everything we do means we are helping you to meet your business goals and work smarter.

Our team is made up of Technical Consultants and Helpdesk Operatives who work with our clients to ensure every issue and task that needs completing is done in a timely and proactive way. They will make sure that you always understand what they are doing and always speak in plain English rather than using technical jargon.

Every client has a dedicated Account Manager who is there to ensure they are happy and working towards their goals, roadmaps are key to planning for the future and making sure every client’s unique needs are met. Each Account Manager visits their clients on a regular basis working closely with the Technical Consultants and Helpdesk. They are also known to enjoy the odd lunch outing with their clients to build relationships.

We have a central team who are dedicated to researching and testing the latest technologies such as solutions to help protect against cybercrime, data protection and productivity tools to name just a few. These solutions can then be implemented knowing that they are right for our clients.

This is just a brief overview of how we ensure that when asked you can always say: ‘My IT is better than ok, it enables us to meet business goals, whilst getting on with our day to day jobs!’.

Have a look at the Service and Support options we offer to see if we would be a good fit for your business.