My name is John Mealing and I work as a Technical Consultant in the West, having joined Complete I.T back in Mid-May, and having performed a similar role in my previous, much smaller company. My day normally begins at around 7am, I will usually have emailed my client the day before with an agenda for the day.

When I arrive on site I sit down with my site contact to discuss the agenda, this also gives them the opportunity to add in anything they need doing or looking at. I never turn up without cakes and I am beginning to learn what each client likes.

I will then find a desk (I normally sit myself out in the general office area) and set about performing the proactive checks, highlighting anything of concern which needs to be discussed at the end of the day. Once the checks are complete, I will work through any other issues that my contact has highlighted as a concern. I normally take a break for lunch, although sometimes it is at the desk. I then floor walk to see if there are any specific issues that people need help with (you know the … ‘well I was going to call the Helpdesk when I had a spare moment but as you are here can you take a look at this’). I will also take time to introduce myself to anyone who I haven’t yet met, I think it’s important as you are the ‘face’ of Complete I.T.

Before leaving, I discuss any items of concern with my site contact and go through the tasks that have been completed today and anything else that I think the client should be aware of. I also discuss any pending firmware updates and schedule this in at an appropriate time with the client. I always follow this up with a copy of the site visit report.

I have recently completed my first “minor” project (a client moving into portacabins), this was completed without issue and the client is happy. In truth it was shutting down the servers one by one, moving (“carrying”) them to a new location, connecting everything back up and switching them back on and hoping everything comes back up… but I am really pleased that this is now complete, the stress levels (on the client end) have definitely depleted and more importantly, everything went to plan.

I have a number of other projects scheduled in the pipeline and I am really looking forward to further success and showing our clients how CIT do what we do and what difference we can make (the CIT way).

If you are interested in working with or for Complete I.T. take a look at our; ‘Work at Complete I.T.’ page to find out more.

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