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IT Support & Not for Profits

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Archived Articles

As the rise of technology has now successfully spread to almost every sector, charitable organisations now too face an exchange between their IT capabilities and their ability to sustain their missions – the problem is that many face the same challenges in terms of monetary resource and lack of in-house skills. On the other side of the chasm though are the cybercriminals who see not for profit organisations as low hanging fruit that can provide them with an easy pay day.

This is where an outsourced IT partner should step in. They prevent the need for charities to spend a lot of money hiring technical experts who they may only need for short periods at a time, instead supplying their expertise and time for a fixed monthly package. A partner like Complete I.T. also help charitable organisations gain access to donated licenses from companies like Microsoft, saving them even more money all the while helping them to work smarter and safer.