There are some IT services that are simply crucial to any business! As your IT partner, Complete I.T. understand your business, its objectives and have various services and technologies that will allow you to overtake your competition in the business arena, I will be covering this in the next few blogs.

In this edition I will talk about two services that you have probably heard whispers about or “kind of understand” and want to know more about, Complete Workstation Monitoring and Remote Management Console.

Complete Workstation Monitoring

Security and productivity is key to the success of every business and it’s something that we are very passionate about here at CIT. Complete Workstation Monitoring offers great value for money as the service is packed full of great business benefits and add-ons. If you are wondering what this service actually does, I will explain it in one sentence. Complete Workstation Management is an all-inclusive PC management, security and monitoring solution designed to help maximize PC lifespan and reduce IT business issues.

When you subscribe to this service each PC is added to our asset and inventory tracking system, fully managed in terms of software updates and protected by our world class Anti-Virus service.

If you are already subscribed to this service, then well done for making the right move but there may be something that you are not aware of! We now offer a Bolt-on to enable web filtering! This means that for a low cost fee you can now benefit from high worth features such as:

  • Bandwidth Management Alerts – for when you have tight data requirements or limited usage plans from your internet / mobile provider and don’t want to exceed and pay excess fees!
  • Productivity & Security – The web filtering bolt-on ensures your users stay on task and away from threats on the web by blocking confirmed unsafe sites or selected sites that decrease productivity.
  • Reporting – It provides you with the ability to have a complete overview on internet usage and analyse browsing activity.

Remote Management Console

Here at Complete IT we don’t believe in firefighting and resolving issues as and when they occur (because this doesn’t allow your business to operate smoothly) but we do believe in killing the roots by taking a proactive approach and carrying out preventive maintenance, that’s why we believe in the Remote Management Console so strongly. In short this service enables us to proactively manage, update and pro long your server investment. This service is also paramount when it comes to security as we bundle in our trusted AV service. It’s important that all of your servers are enrolled on our platform to enable us to identify and prevent any vulnerabilities or flush any insecurities from your network. All of this allows CIT to present you with a valuable end result of up time and availability which in turn will provide your business with an edge over competition.

Things to remember:

  • Get productive and enhance your security – Get web filtering for all of your PCs.
  • No more firefighting – Get the Remote Management Centre on all of your servers.

Get in touch with an office today to discuss how these services can be tailor made to suit your business.

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