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It’s all about you…

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Company News

It’s all about you Phil Cater, Phil Ferguson, Anthony Richardson, Nick Brown and James Harris… you probably know one or more of them, but did you know they all have one thing in common?

They all left Complete I.T. at one time or another, only to return to our team once again. Not many businesses can claim they have team members return after leaving for new roles and we are very proud to say this regularly happens at CIT.

What really matters is that all of our ‘returnees’ say the same thing, they miss the working atmosphere at CIT which is created by our team and by you, our clients. ‘I miss the clients’, ‘the buzz’, ‘it’s home’, that’s praise indeed…. So with the Tour de France about to finish, we say ‘Chapeau’ and thanks to you, the CIT clients.

Just one of the reasons we have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Company to work for’ Award at the 2016 CRN Sales and Marketing Awards and the ‘Employer of the Year’ Award by the Fendland Business Awards 2016.