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Join Complete I.T., questions from applicants.

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Company News

We regularly get questions on our website from people wanting to work for Complete I.T. so thought we would answer a few of them here.

What are career prospects like at CIT?

Our continued growth and success means that we not only create opportunities for our existing team, but also have opportunities for new team members to join us. We have a detailed job grading system that allows our technical team members to move through individual job grades, but also be promoted to higher job grades without having to move away from technical roles, a frustration technical experts have in many organisations. We also have a strong track record of promoting our team into management positions, with many members of our current management and Executive teams having progressed through the business.

What training would I get if I joined CIT?

Twice a year as part of our Performance and Development Review process, each team member has a development plan created. We then use this information to produce our Complete I.T. Academy prospectus which delivers technical, commercial, soft skills and management training. We also provide a range of online learning with our vendor partners and many of our technical team study for, and then sit Microsoft qualifications. Where the development does not require a training course we provide 121 coaching and development.

How secure is the business and how secure would my job be?

CIT has been in business for over 20 years and is one of the leading providers of IT Support in the UK. With 6 offices in different parts of the country we are also one of the largest providers, but by delivering local IT support through local teams. The business has enjoyed double digit revenue and client growth for many years and continues to be profitable at the same time. Our growth and success means that we are able to continue to invest in the business for the long term with the original founders still the owners of the business. As one of the longest standing and most successful IT support companies in the UK, you can be sure you would have a bright future ahead with us.

If you are interested in a career with Complete I.T. contact us today and speak with our recruitment team.