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Keeping your business IT support local

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

For most businesses, that are not specifically IT-focused, it is too expensive to maintain in-house, experienced and knowledgeable IT staff dedicated to building, managing and supporting your IT infrastructure. And without a dedicated IT team, it’s very difficult to develop a dynamic platform that allows your business to realise genuine competitive advantages through greater efficiency and information accessibility.

The answer is to partner with an IT support provider who can keep your network running optimally, allowing you to focus on your core business. And like many other services, there is a wide selection of providers, from national franchise chains, through to freelance IT experts.

Although many of the national chains have a big reputation on which to trade, there are three reasons why you should opt for a local provider every time.

Responsive support service

When reporting an issue to a large IT support provider, you will invariably be directed to call a central switchboard that handles all incoming requests from customers across the country. The issue may then be referred on to a local sub-contractor for completion.

This system undoubtedly works, but it is also slower than calling a local company who may be able to get the details and arrive on site in less time than it takes to refer a call.

Personalised business IT

A smaller, local provider has fewer clients than a large national support company. This makes it much easier for the provider to offer support tailored to the specific needs of your company and employees.

Local providers are also better able to help you plan IT provisions for the future, based on their day-to-day interactions with your team and granular knowledge of your business needs. They are then able to help you use IT as a strategic differentiator, rather than simply firefighting your IT issues as and when they arise.

Socially responsible local support

As a business you are heavily reliant on the local economy. The better the local economy performs, the better your own company should do.

It makes sense then to keep cash circulating locally by investing in products and services from local suppliers. Not only does this feed into local cashflow, but it also helps to engender the kind of trust that encourages customers to buy from you too. Partnering with a local IT support provider is an investment in your own future.

To learn more about locally provided IT support services from a certified Microsoft Gold partner, contact Complete I.T. today – our expert team will be happy to provide more information about how our on-site and remote support can benefit your business.