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Let’s get strategic – putting IT to work for your business

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Archived Articles

For many businesses, IT is a “necessary evil”, something relied upon for certain tasks, but only just tolerated. For these organisations, computers offer little to no additional value.

But the reality is that IT can play a key role in helping your business reach its strategic goals. In fact, those businesses that fully embrace IT may find that they are able to rapidly accelerate their growth plans and reach milestone targets more quickly.

Using IT to streamline existing operations

For businesses that are using IT for the bare minimum of activities, there is plenty of potential to digitise and automate existing processes to deliver new efficiencies and cost savings. Any process reliant on paper for instance is a candidate for digitisation, helping to speed up your operations.

As well as providing a mechanism to make data available to everyone in your company simultaneously, you can also improve the quality and value of your information by reducing the risk of manual data entry errors. Instead of having someone copy data manually from paper forms, you can have your employees enter data directly into the system.

Using IT to create new processes

More than simply improving your existing workflows, IT can help you build whole new ways of working. Cloud-based tools like Microsoft Office 365 can help mobilise your business, boosting the productivity of remote workers for instance. Or opening the way to beginning your first steps into building a fully mobile workforce.

You may also find that specialist applications built on the Microsoft Azure program allow you to “see” your operations from end-to-end. Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) systems allow you to build processes that cover every aspect of your operations and control them centrally for instance, giving you greater transparency of profit and costs.

The value of outside advice

For businesses who have yet to deploy IT widely across their processes, it is almost impossible to understand where to start, and what benefits to expect. The IT roadmap service from Complete I.T. helps you understand your current assets and their capabilities, and sets out an IT development strategy moving forwards.

The IT roadmap combines industry best practice with a true understanding of your business needs to ensure you get the very best returns from your investment – and that you only purchase systems and applications that deliver genuine benefits.

At Complete I.T., we have been working with SME’s for over 25 years offering IT expertise, advice and guidance, so we understand the unique challenges you face in today’s fast-paced environment.  To meet this demand we have therefore created our Complete I.T. Director service to provide clients with the expertise they need to deliver genuine value and insight.

From system selection, data security and governance to the creation and delivery of an IT strategy, the Complete I.T. Manager provides you with everything you need, when you need it.

To learn more about the IT Roadmap service from Complete I.T. please get in touch.