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On your marks, headset, go! Hosted Telephony, what is it?

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Archived Articles


No matter what sector you operate in, I am sure that your trusty telephone is a crucial piece of kit to enable you to do your role. But could your current phone system actually be hindering your ability to work smarter? If your organisation is still relying on a premise based Private Branch Exchange, or simply put a business-grade phone system linked to a phone line, you could be setting yourself up for restrictions and scalability limitations. At Complete I.T. we have been researching and testing the best Hosted Telephony solutions available on the market, and are delighted to present Complete Hosted Telephony – a fully featured, 100% cloud, simple to use and designed to enable your teams to work smarter and safer. In a rush? See the infographic instead.


How many times have you found yourself in this situation: one of the team has just walked out of the office for a meeting, or any other reason that finds them offsite, and someone has phoned in to try and contact them. How would you normally react? “I’m really sorry, they have literally just walked out of the office and I’m not sure they’ll be back today. Can I take a message?” – Does that sound familiar? The caller could have been calling in for all manner of reasons, including new business or a pressing customer service call. The reality is that when told they cannot speak to the person they wanted to, your team is already on the back foot. With our Complete Telephony solution, your colleagues are accessible no matter where they are. Through the use of the telephony smartphone application, wherever they go their extension goes too, so the next time someone phones in for Fred from sales and he’s making his way to a meeting, you can forward the call just like you would if he were in the office.

Contract lengths

Even though we haven’t yet, we are slowly evolving into 5 limbed species so that we no longer need to put our smartphones down when we make a cup of tea – we can hold them all the time! But what if someone told you that your trusty smartphone needed to stay with you for a minimum of 7 years before you could think about getting a new one? The chances are that you would never have signed the contract in the first place. So why in the business world are we expected to have the same chunk of plastic on our desk for 7 years? With Complete Telephony you can benefit from shorter term contracts starting from 3 years so that you can essentially move with the times.

Simple costing and licensing

There is not much more frustrating than finding a solution and then getting bogged down with complicated costing and licensing.  With our Complete Telephony solution, you will benefit from simple costing and licensing through monthly costs for each user at £15.00. You also have complete control over the system – should you need to reset your voicemail pin or configure new speed dial settings, you can do so yourself. If you’d prefer us to do it for you, you can reach us on one number and will benefit from having just one team to go to for help – no more running around different suppliers.

If you’d like to see our new solution in some more detail, you can visit our Hosted Telephony page.