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Our step by step guide to the GDPR

by | May 4, 2018 | Data Protection

With just 10 days to go until the GDPR deadline, you are probably sick of hearing about it… people have been comparing the GDPR to the millennium bug, but unlike the millennium bug this is not a myth and will not go away.

We have put together a simple step by step guide to help you understand your data and record your findings which will go a long way towards helping you to become compliant:

  1. Review: Look at where your data is stored, every department will hold some form of personal data.
  2. Educate: Your teams must understand the GDPR and know where their responsibility lies.
  3. Understand: How was your data collected and did you get permission to hold the data?
  4. Knowledge: You must know where all of your data is stored, databases, CRM’s, filing cabinets, company drives.
  5. Analyse: Are the systems you are using to store data secure and do you have a record of their privacy policies?
  6. Don’t be scared: If your data is no longer needed do not be scared to delete, get rid of any data you no longer need.
  7. Transparent: Your Privacy Policies, Cookies and contracts will need to be reviewed and updated, honesty is the best policy, what do you do with your data?
  8. Evidence: Document everything with regards to your journey towards GDPR compliance.

Share this video with your teams which explains the GDPR in simple terms.

If you need further information, training or help towards your organisation’s compliance please contact us.