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Security Features Added to Our Complete Endpoint Security Solution

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Company News

Security Features Added to Our Complete Endpoint Security Solution

Here at Complete I.T. we are always looking to evolve the services we provide to our clients to help you work smarter and safer and protect your critical business data.

We are delighted to announce two new security features being launched as part of our Complete Endpoint Security Standard and Enhanced security plans.

Enhancement 1 – Defence against malicious scripts

Modern viruses and malware, such as crypto-locker style attacks use legitimate programs and system processes to do bad things. This evasion style attack makes these attacks extremely hard to detect for a standard anti-virus, as the programs your computer needs to run normally and help you stay productive are now being used against you.

Gone are the days when a malicious program ran, anti-virus could see that program was a known virus and quarantined it – you can’t quarantine the programs your computer needs to work correctly.

This is where our new malicious script detection comes into play.  With this enhancement to Complete Endpoint Security, our endpoint protection service will be able to analyse, detect and block malicious and evasive script attacks that are using legitimate technologies such as PowerShell, JavaScript and VBScript.

Our goal is to decrease the chance of your business being disrupted as a result of malware originating from a script-style attack.

Enhancement 2 – Web Protection Support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the address book of the internet. Without DNS, we would have a collection of full stops and numbers instead of – it’s one of the core technologies that enables the modern internet to function. DNS however is over 35 years old – and needs to evolve to account for the current day concerns we all have over security and privacy online.

The primary concern with DNS is that the traffic is not encrypted. So by looking at an individuals DNS requests “I need to go to, can you tell me the numerical address I need to go to please?”, you can see a lot about their online life and the sites they have visited.

DNS over HTTPs (DoH) solves this by encrypting DNS requests and allowing them to leave the network in the same way as traffic when you visit secure websites. This is a welcomed security and privacy improvement, but as with all security features, it has some potential downsides, one of which, you can’t enforce protection policies on traffic that can no longer be seen (as it’s now encrypted).

We are pleased to announce that the Complete Endpoint Security web protection module (part of our enhanced security plan), is currently being upgraded to support DoH.  This means that any requests made using DoH, such as from recently released versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, will have your organisations customised protection policies applied in the same way as regular web traffic does today.  This means that your teams can benefit from the privacy and security of DoH, but also the protection that our web security and content filtering provides.


Complete Endpoint Security Enhanced plan clients will receive both enhancements, Standard plan subscribers will receive enhancement 1.  We are also very pleased to announce that these features will be made available to all subscribers of the plans, at no additional cost.

Please speak to your CIT Account Manager or Technical Consultant to arrange for the script defence (enhancement 1) to be enabled, we enable this on a client-by-client basis, with a auditing period being used before enabling enforcement in order to reduce the risk of disruption to your business from false-positives.

DNS over HTTPS support as part of enhancement 2 will be rolled out to all Complete Endpoint Security Enhanced plan subscribers with the web security component enabled over August and September.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail please talk to your Technical Consultant or contact us at