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So, Your IT Goes Down – What’s the Worst That Could Happen…?

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Archived Articles

When it comes to the safety of your business, how highly do you prioritise your IT?

Statistics show that two in five companies still don’t have a documented disaster recovery plan in place in the event of their IT systems going down.

How reliant is your business on IT?

Think about how your organisation runs; from your company servers, down to your emails – IT is a major aspect of all areas within a business. In the event of an IT failure, what effect would it have on your business?

Business Down Time

Your internet goes down, suddenly you’re unable to receive or send emails, any money being paid in or out of the company will come to a halt and communication with your clients will be impacted. Though there won’t be an outright cost for the down time, the loss of productively during the recovery period will have a negative effect on your organisations profitability. The less prepared for IT failure you are, the longer that downtime will be.


If your systems are compromised due to a cyber-attack that was unforeseen and unprepared for – it could lead to doubts on your company’s ability to deal with disasters and to keep data secure and protected. Once your reputation has been damaged, building it back up is no easy feat.

Data Loss

There has been plenty of talk regarding Ransomware attacks effecting major companies around the world, but this is a rising issue that is affecting businesses of all sizes. Should your business be hit with a similar virus without having any backup or disaster recovery plan in place, it can have irreversible effects. Loss of client data, company data and records could lead to you having to start your systems completely from scratch and re-build.

It’s Expensive

Sometimes it can be hard to see the benefits of investing in your IT. Should you find yourself in a position where your systems are under threat and your business is unprepared – the expense of rebuilding your servers, systems and recovering from the company downtime will be a significantly harder hit on your finances.

How can this be prevented?

Be prepared for ANYTHING. Know the possible threats towards your IT as well as the possible outcomes, make sure you have the systems and plans in place to secure your business and a backup plan to protect you if things go wrong.

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