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Spam Email doing the rounds, Educate your Team now.

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Archived Articles

Recently there has been a lot of spam email that is managing to get through spam filters, containing a link to a .JS file (javascript). Clicking on the link itself isn’t dangerous however running the file it downloads leads to an infection on the network.

These often contain the word ‘Invoice’ in the subject and nearly always appears to come from a person in a decision-making position (although the real email address is a spam address, the ‘From Name’ appears prominently as a Director etc and so people don’t look at the actual email address).

Please forward this on to your teams to make them aware, if you are at all suspicious ask Complete I.T. and we will look into the matter. Never open links from anyone other than a trusted source.

Criminals are always looking for ways to bypass spam filters and as soon as a  method is discovered the tool/method is quickly sold on the dark web and will quickly spread. Spam companies typically take 7-14 days in my experience to ‘catch up’ but in the meantime, this leaves recipients open to malware.

Please spread the word and do not leave your business open to infection. Let us help you with Complete Cyber Security.