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Stay because you want to stay!

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Archived Articles


It’s 2018 and we have entered a subscription-based world. Most of us listen to music via subscriptions, watch TV via subscriptions, hire cars, parking spaces and maybe even make our meals via subscriptions. If you are anything like me, you will often feel a bit overwhelmed by the choice that is out there. Is the free month better than a discounted rate for three months? Do I want to pay £7.99 a month for free delivery? There are a lot of questions that we have to face in the subscription-based world we now find ourselves in. But I guess the biggest question we face is this – why do we stay? What makes us continue to have our accounts debited each month? That is what we are hoping to answer with today’s blog.

So, your IT is being supported by a third-party organisation and it has reached the end of the contract, and you find yourself asking the very question I just mentioned – why do we stay?

What do we mean? When it comes to contract renewals, you may have experienced an IT support provider, or any other service provider for that matter that has pulled out a long list of statistics to prove their worth. Typically, these are things like the number of targets they have met, how many calls they have taken, how many fixes they have performed and how quickly they have completed all the above. Do you not think it’s time to take a different approach though? What if you look behind those service level agreements and stay because you genuinely want to stay?

When we deliver our service to you, you can rest assured that we place a lot of emphasis on SLA’s. The difference with us though is that they are not our only focus. You may have seen our previous post about why relationships are so important to us, and that is the key which we hope will make you realise that you want to stay, because you want to stay.

For those of us that use Spotify to stream our music – have you ever asked yourself why you pay for the premium service? If it’s to go ad-free, is it because you don’t like being sold to? If it’s the ability to choose your own songs, do you not like surprises? You are probably reading this thinking ‘what on earth are they on about? I buy Spotify because I want to use Spotify!’ Stay with us …

For those of us that use Netflix – have you ever asked yourself why you started to pay for their service after your one-month free trial? If it’s because you became hooked on Breaking Bad, would you not go and buy the boxset? If it’s the lack of adverts, could you not just watch the BBC? What are we talking about? Stay with us …

If you use a subscription-based meal ingredients box, did you begin to use the service because you like trying new foods? If so, could you not have gone to your local supermarket? Do you use it because you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking? If so, have you heard of Deliveroo? Still confused? Well…

You use these services because you want to, and you continue to use these services because, yep you guessed it, you want to. What we find with our clients is the same thing – they stay because they want to stay. Like I said, as a service who support your systems it is 100% necessary to outline SLA’s and to continue to monitor their progress. When agreeing for us to support your systems you are giving us the foundations of your business for us to protect and maintain, and so maintaining them to the level you expect is obviously going to affect our chances of keeping clients. But as an organisation who consistently meet and go above and beyond SLA’s, we need something else to keep us busy.

You will hear us talk about relationships a lot and that’s because this is how we differentiate ourselves and keep our clients. We like to view ourselves as an extension of your existing team, and for us to be able to fulfil that we like to spend time with as many people from your organisation as possible. From our helpdesk to our account managers, you will have built up a great relationship with them over the course of your contract, so much so that you probably won’t need to ask yourself why you stay. The answer is why wouldn’t you?

If you know the pain of trying to find an outsourced IT support provider who gives you no reason to end their services, contact us today.