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The CIT Newsletter: Hosted Telephony, Impersonation Scams and the Cloud

by | May 6, 2021 | Company News

In this edition, we discuss Complete Hosted Telephony, how to stay safe from impersonation scams and test your knowledge on the cloud.

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This short video explains what Complete Telephony is and how it could help you to ensure you are providing the best service to your customers and partners, no matter where you are.

Don’t Fall Victim to an Impersonation Scam!

What is an impersonation Scam? With so many different scams out there nowadays, it can be difficult to keep a track of them but this is a particularly nasty one to watch out for as they often use a voice of authority to coerce their victims and leave them feeling pressured into acting quickly. 

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Microsoft Teams, what’s new?

  • Prevent individual attendees from unmuting.
  • Presenters from outside your organisation can now easily join and present on a Teams Live Event.
  • Custom backgrounds are now available on iOS.
  • Free Teams integration with Complete Hosted Telephony.

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