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The CIT Newsletter: Your Return to Office Game Plan

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Company News

Some of our teams have successfully returned to the office and we are enjoying meeting face to face once more, with the appropriate steps in place.

In this edition of the Complete I.T. Newsletter we have given you access to our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template which we hope you will find useful whilst planning your return to the office.

As always you will see the registration for our next webinar around Visitor Management Systems and how they can help you to follow government guidelines with track and trace. This system will also help you to understand your teams flexible working patterns and perhaps look towards a different way of working going forwards.

Our latest video case study is also live, see how our client Activity Alliance have coped with remote working and how Complete I.T. have worked with them to ensure limited downtime.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

Download our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template which helps you identify, plan and action risks within your office environment.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template (2)

Return to Office Readiness Posers

Returning to the office and need some posters to remind the team about social distancing and sanitising their hands?

Return to Office Readiness Posters

Missed our Data Security webinar?

Ben Russell, Lead Technical Consultant at Complete I.T., discusses how to ensure your systems are safe and why a multi layered approach is needed to help protect your data.

He explores, where your data is stored, who has access to it (And should they?) as well as looking at whether it is secure.

5 Data Protection Steps for Organisations Planning to Return to the Office – Generic Email Header (1)

Businesses are beginning to reopen as lockdown restrictions ease but there are a few things your organisation must consider when it comes to data protection and returning to the office. You must consider the following five points:

  1. Only collect what you need
  2. Less is more
  3. Keep it safe
  4. Be kind and considerate
  5. Keep your team informed

Read the full blog here.