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The easiest way to schedule meetings – FindTime by O365

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Archived Articles

Do you struggle to find a time to meet that you can all make? Does it take more time deciding when to meet than the actual meeting?

FindTime solves that problem with one simple solution from Microsoft Office 365. FindTime will show you what days and times work best for you and the other attendee’s availability. All attendees will then vote on the time that is best for them and FindTime will automatically flag the time that works for everyone and sends a meeting invite on the organisers behalf.

As well as using within the business FindTime is a quick and seamless way to book time with clients, they do not even have to have FindTime installed, just email access.


As FindTime is part of the Office 365 Productivity Suite the organiser must have an Office 365 license, however, the attendees do not. FindTime is free to install, please talk to your Technical Consultant or Account Manager if you are interested in using FindTime within your business.

We have been using FindTime internally and highly recommend it as a tool to save time and improve productivity.