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The Evolution of the Cyber Threat Landscape: Webinar

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Cyber Security

Jay Ryerse, VP Global Cybersecurity at ConnectWise and Greg Jones, Business Development Director at Datto joined us in this webinar to discuss the evolution of the cyber threat landscape, the impact Covid has had, the solutions available to protect your organisations and the future of cyber security.

In the last few years cyber security has become more of a priority for SMEs than ever before. With the unexpected rise in remote working and cyber criminals taking advantage as workplaces evolve, we have all had to become better educated and aware of the risks to our systems and data.

As well as the threat of data loss, business downtime and reputational damage, organisations are faced with huge fines should they not have the correct processes in place to protect their sensitive data.

“Everybody in the organisation plays a key part in cyber security. It’s not just an IT department conversation.”

What’s covered in the webinar:

  • How the cyber threat landscape has evolved over the years
  • What processes an organisation should have in place should they experience a data breach
  • Who should be responsible for cyber security in an organisation
  • Where cyber security is going

Watch the webinar below:

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