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The importance of IT partnerships

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Here at Complete I.T. we’re proud of our status as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. But don’t think this means some super-exclusive club designed to boost profits: did you know that our partnership with Microsoft actually offers our customers a number of significant benefits? So much so that we recommend all businesses choose IT support providers who have official partnerships – here’s why.

Fully accredited by IT providers

To become Gold Partner accredited by Microsoft, Complete I.T. has had to demonstrate the highest levels of skill and professionalism when defining solutions for our clients. This means that our clients benefit from industry-leading standards of service, and they receive the most cost-effective and efficient advice and assistance at all times.

If you were to choose a provider who is not Microsoft accredited, it means that your business has no idea of the standard of support to expect from them.

Familiarity with Microsoft tools and overcoming IT challenges

As well as being able to demonstrate our technical ability with specifying, managing and supporting Microsoft products, the Gold partner standard also demands that we actually use them for our own business. This means that our skills are always kept up to date, and that we fully understand how to deploy Microsoft technologies in real-world environments.

It also ensures that we have encountered, and overcome, many of the challenges your business will face in the future. If IT partnerships do not use the same technologies as your business, much of their knowledge remains theoretical and untested.

Keeping your business at the cutting edge

Gold Partner members are privilege to the latest Microsoft products, services and training – often before they are released on general sale. This early access means that Complete I.T. is able to test new systems in advance, and identify those that are most likely to benefit our customers. It also means that we are better able to help our customers plan workable roadmaps to help grow their business more effectively and efficiently using technology.

Without this early insight, your IT roadmap will always be dictated by playing catch-up, preventing you from using upcoming technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

To learn more about our Microsoft Gold Partner status, or exactly how we can put that to work for your business, please get in touch.