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The New App for Deskless Workers

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Archived Articles

The App for Office 365 users who have deskless workers. This App helps you to manage and create shift schedules and provide information on your team members mobile device, enabling them to seamlessly do their jobs.

Who are Deskless Workers?

Deskless workers are often the unsung hero’s, working in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, on construction sites and in manufacturing and other service-related industries across the world. Often the first people clients will interact with, usually they will not have a permanent workspace or computer, which makes it difficult to share information that they need to do their jobs. That is where Staffhub comes in.

Create and Manage Shift Schedules

One of the most important factors of shift work is being in the right place at the right time. Whilst this may seem like an easy task that is not always the case. Without a central sharing, easily editable location there is no easy way to communicate with team members especially if shifts change at last minute. With Staffhub, managers can create, share and edit shift schedules that are updated in real time on all team members mobile devices via the app.


Your team have constant access to the schedule and can request changes when and where they need to, you can also see who else is on the same shift and important notes for that day.

No more rotas up on the kitchen wall.

To download and use the Staffhub App you must have an Office 365 Account.

If it sounds like Staffhub would help your team to work smarter, give Complete I.T. a call today or talk to your Account Manager or Technical Consultant.