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Unsure about using the Cloud? Try a trial

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Though most of us use Cloud services in some way in our personal lives (think Apple iCloud, PayPal or Google Photos), many people are still unsure about whether or how to use them at work. For many businesses, this uncertainty means missing out on efficiencies and cost savings that offer a significant competitive advantage.

Fortunately Cloud services are much easier to test than traditional boxed software. There is generally no need to install applications on servers or PCs and most even offer a free, time-limited trial – so why not try it?

Taking a trial with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office remains a crucial part of many organisations’ operations and every new release promises new features and functions designed to help streamline your processes. The cost of buying a traditional boxed version of the suite is relatively expensive though, so few will want to buy one for a test that never goes anywhere.

However, when it comes to Office 365, Microsoft’s Cloud-based software version, your business can take advantage of a free 30 day trial to check whether it meets your users’ needs. Using nothing more than their Internet Explorer web browser, they can begin creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, verifying that the system is intuitive, just as easy to use, and performing well for their work tasks.

If everything works to your satisfaction, the trial can be quickly and easily converted to a fully-paid subscription. If not, the trial can be cancelled any time. And because there is no need to install software locally, there’s nothing to ‘clean up’ at the end of the trial.

Let your expert support team handle your subscription

Office 365 can be bought on a license-by-license basis, but this requires fiddly individual renewals online, month by month – we know that most businesses don’t have time for such one-on-one renewal management. So Complete I.T. offer to manage your subscription to Office 365 for you as a competitive annual package.

And as part of our forthcoming Cloud Services Program, we plan to also make it possible for our clients to purchase Office 365 month by month, if you prefer, enabling your business to stay flexible with your needs and phase all your staff into using Office 365 with full support from our Microsoft-expert team, and with full confidence that you’re not tied to a year’s commitment if you don’t want it.

Start your Cloud trial today

Contact Complete I.T. today to arrange your free Office 365 trial and see for yourself whether the Cloud has a place in your business. We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised!