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What Is Business Intelligence and Why Is It Important?

by | Apr 12, 2021 | ERP, Microsoft Power Platform

What Is Business Intelligence and Why Is It Important?

Business intelligence is the process of analysing current and historical data with the objective of improving decision-making and competitive advantage.

We all deal with data daily and often but trying to make sense of all the data that we process can be a complex and time-consuming challenge.

Across industry & sector the data analysis process and using multiple sources and countless pieces of information to try and get the big picture is a difficult task.

Although processing and interpreting data can be challenging, it is essential for businesses to take full advantage of the data available to them to establish a 360 view of the organisation. Having an up-to-date view of an organisation, that is driven by data is essential to help a business withstand the fast-moving economy and to achieve a competitive advantage.

Intelligence at the heart

Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence platform can empower an organisation with the tools to connect and integrate data from various sources and then turn that data into valuable, insightful and actional information to support your organisation’s strategic decisions.

Forget about your previous manual reporting processes and connect your entire organisation with intelligent, automated cloud-based technology from Power BI.

Data from all departments can be pulled which will expose new comprehensive depths of business insight, providing past, present, and future predictions, something that would not be possible to obtain from a singular source.

Most importantly, you will achieve an up-to-date 360 view of your organisation which will be the basis of effective, data-driven decision-making.


Easy to understand

From your wealth of data, your reports will be presented in a highly visual format, making it easy for everybody to understand and digest.

Invaluable information, such as trends, issues and opportunities can be identified when drilling into the reports. It will enlighten your thoughts on current processes, helping you to improve and optimise your operations, forecasting and business planning.

The addition, Power BI reporting can simplify operational reporting and the information can be shared across departments and functions offering important insights in real-time, rather than waiting for a lengthy report from IT that is usually outdated by the time it reaches you.

Having up to date insights at the click of a button will provide you with the power to seize new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Supporting growth

Power BI is a scalable platform which makes it possible to retain a 360 view of your organisation, irrespective of business growth. Whether you need to scale up or down, you have the capability to scale the solution to suit your business demands.

It is important to note that one size does not fit all when it comes to reporting and tailoring Power BI reports to suit your organisation’s requirements is essential.

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