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What is it like to spend a morning with a Technical Consultant?

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Archived Articles

When asked if I would like to shadow one of our Technical Consultants at an Air Conditioning supplier, how could I resist? What could be better than visiting those guys when its 30 degrees outside?

So Wednesday had arrived, and much to my delight it was still very very hot outside. It was really no surprise that I felt the chill as soon as I walked in. What was a surprise however was the relationship that our Technical Consultant had built up with the team there. He was greeted like any other employee that morning and I could tell they were all incredibly happy to see him. Having recently started with CIT it has been said on numerous occasions how important the relationships we build with clients are, but to see this first hand really shows that it is the singular most important thing and every member of the team lives by these values.

After the traditional coffee ritual, it was time to get to work. As a Technical Consultant, visits to the client would depend on how often they were needed. This visit had a clear agenda; the installation of a new solid-state drive, routine checks of the clients on site Datto and the building of a PC for a new employee starting in the next week. Sounds simple, right? As we have all experienced from time to time, even the simplest of IT procedures tend to take the longest amount of time. After the initial installation and several loud beeps and head scratches, we discovered that a faulty solid-state drive had been delivered. Although frustrating for all parties, it was a great chance to see how our Technical Consultants dealt with these kinds of problems and communicated them to the client.

With the issue of the faulty solid-state drive now resolved, it was time to go and check on the Datto which was located in a room that felt, how I imagine industrial fridges must feel. It was incredibly cold. After a run through of all the different components and the lay man’s explanation of how it would all work in the event of a disaster, we were back off upstairs to carry on with the subsequent tasks. While setting up the PC for the new starter, I was able to see the Datto data recovery in motion. I was fascinated during this demonstration to see the capabilities of Datto, recovering a whole server in a matter of minutes and handpicked individual files in a matter of seconds. Why would you ever want to risk using anything less than Datto? As someone straight out of university with little first-hand experience of the effect data loss can have on businesses, I could see the utmost importance of having a solid data recovery solution in place. After all, with no data, you have no business. So who would want to risk it?

As the morning came to a close, having looked outside at the glowing sun, part of me desperately wanted to stay in the air-conditioned haven. However, it was indeed time to brave the warmth and make it back to the office – after all, IT services were not going to market themselves.

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