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What is SharePoint and why is it great?

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Archived Articles

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SharePoint is an Office 365 application where you can organise, store, access and share your documents, files and photos securely. You can access all 365 applications in one place from your laptop, phone and tablet, either in the office or on the road. Amazing right?

All you need is a web browser and an Office 365 account (various options available). SharePoint can be accessed once you have signed into your Office 365 account, see the the image below on how to launch.

select sharepoint to launch

Why is it great?

Office 365 includes a varied mix of great applications which can be accessed easily from one place, SharePoint being one of them. Please see the below functions and benefits to SharePoint.



All of your documents can be stored, shared and viewed in one central location.


As SharePoint is cloud based, you are able to access all documents, files and folders from anywhere; phone, tablet or laptop. What a breeze. It also supports the new desire for flexible and remote working. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of remote and flexible working hours, read our blog.


Not only is SharePoint a great centralised location for you and your team to access documents from any location but it is also a great way to communicate documents externally.

The admin can make certain folders accessible to all of the team, editable for some members, inaccessible to others and you are also able to share documents (once a invitation to share has been emailed) to external people. Instead of using insecure transfer sites to transfer documents, you are able to give access externally (we would recommend you only share one folder, specially created for the use of transferring documents to that specific external person) so that you can share documents on SharePoint more securely.

You are able to monitor and change who has access and who can edit what at all times.


It’s easy to upload files, simply drag and drop the files you wish onto SharePoint or you can click the “upload” button located on the command bar.

drag and drop


You are able to open documents online or in word.

Opening documents online allows team members to work on the same PowerPoint Presentation or Word document at the same time, and changes made are visible to all and are recorded.

You are able to share the document with the people you wish and then send a link for them to access the document. If you would like the to “edit”, be sure to tick the “Allow editing” tick box and if the document has sensitive data on it, we would recommend that you select “block download” so that this doesnt get downlaoded and shared elsewhere and potentially falls into the wrong hands.

sharing link


You are able to access version history of a document and also recover documents you may have accidentally deleted. Office 365 has some level of backup and recovery but we recommend that you protect yourself with a Sass product.

To learn more about office 365 or how to securely backup and recover your documents, contact us today.

Please remember nothing is 100% secure, especially not on its own which is why we always recommend you implement a range of solutions to better protect you and your business.