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What will 5G bring?

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Archived Articles


of households in the UK own a mobile phone (According to Statista, 2019), which is a contributing factor to why 5G is desired. More people on mobiles, wanting more data at their finger tips means we need a more efficient, faster service that can deal with this increase in demand.

Although the news that 4G launching on tubes in 2020 is music to our ears and will be a life saver when you need to send that last minute email on the way to work, it kind of feels like old news when we have 5G already being used by some people in certain areas such as London, Glawsgow and Liverpool…


Simply put, 5G is smarter, faster and more efficient than 4G and meets the needs of the growing number of users who are in demand of more more data, more often. You could say it’s a mixture of higher consumption habits and the ever growing want for humans to do better, perform better, communicate quicker and overall just improve which prompts the need for 5G.


5G means faster speeds than 4G when browsing the internet in busy places and improved quality. It means faster download and streaming capabilities, which means that you’ll be able to watch videos, transfer files and photos and browse the internet faster than ever before.

Making communication better than ever.


Better communication means you and your team will be able to communicate on the go via 5G. Imagine being able to conduct a conference call without repeating “sorry could you say that again, i didn’t quite catch that” or not having the worry that the internet will go down when working remotely. With 5G, these things will be improved making working life easier and more efficient.