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Why do we call our clients, clients?

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Company News


Something that we got asked quite a lot is this – why do we call our clients, clients? Why don’t we call them customers like everyone else? And why does that matter anyway?

Think of this…

When you go to Tesco to buy toilet roll, you might buy either Tesco’s own brand or Andrex (other toilet roll brands are readily available), but what you are buying is a thing – a commodity. If Tesco is closed you can go to Morrisons or Asda or Aldi, or knock on your neighbour’s door and borrow some, the point here being that there is nothing that Tesco sell that you can’t go and buy somewhere else. This idea makes you a customer – someone who buys generic things from generic places. Thinking that blowing your nose on a sheet of Andrex from Tesco is a more superior experience than blowing your nose on a sheet of Andrex from Sainsbury’s is simply not true – it is the same thing.

What we see is that when joining Complete I.T. as a client, you make a commitment for the long term, for a relationship and for us to work alongside you to deliver the maximum business enablement from your IT investment.  If our clients were coming to us to buy IT support services for their businesses and all the associated products that go with them, it could be easy to think that Complete I.T. are the same as the other 100s of IT support companies out there. That isn’t the case though. No other IT company will handle a helpdesk call the way Jake does; no other Technical Consultant will deliver the same on-site time as Tony, and no one will manage your account as well as Stacey. That is what makes Complete I.T. who we are – yes there are other people that do what we do, but no one does it in the way that we do it. It’s not what we do that is unique, it’s how we do it.

So going back to clients vs. customers…

We have clients because whilst they can get what we do from elsewhere, they cannot get it done the way that we do it. IT support is now a commodity, but at Complete I.T. it isn’t and never will be.

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