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Why does ransomware often go undetected by antivirus?

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Archived Articles

I’ve mentioned the evasion tactics that ransomware uses more than once in previous blog posts. This collection of technical methods ensures that crypto-ransomware infections can stay below the radar and:

  • Not get picked up by antivirus products
  • Not get discovered by cyber security researchers
  • Not get observed by law enforcement agencies and their own malware researchers.

The rationale is simple: the longer a malware infection can persist on a compromised PC, the more data it can extract and the more damage it can do.

So here are just a few of the tactics that ransomware employs to remain covert and maintain the anonymity of its makers and distributors:

Communication with Command & Control servers is encrypted and difficult to detect in network traffic;

It features built-in traffic anonymizers, like TOR and Bitcoin, to avoid tracking by law enforcement agencies and to receive ransom payments;

It uses anti-sandboxing mechanisms so that antivirus won’t pick it up;

It employs domain shadowing to conceal exploits and hide the communication between the downloader (payload) and the servers controlled by cyber criminals (where the ransomware is stored);

It features Fast Flux, another technique used to keep the source of the infection anonymous;

It deploys encrypted payloads which can make it more difficult for antivirus to see that they include malware, so the infection has more time to unfold;

It has polymorphic behavior that endows the ransomware with the ability to mutate enough to create a new variant, but not so much as to alter the malware’s function;

It has the ability to remain dormant – the ransomware can remain inactive on the system until the computer it at its most vulnerable moment and take advantage of that to strike fast and effectively.

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