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Windows Server 2003: have you been ignoring the inevitable?

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Stable, reliable and popular, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was a hit with businesses of all sizes when it was released 12 years ago. And just like its desktop counterpart Windows XP, the operating system refuses to disappear completely.

What is the problem for Server 2003 users?

This continuing popularity is something of a problem for any business still using Server 2003. Mainstream support for Server 2003 was withdrawn way back in July 2010 – half a decade ago – after which Microsoft halted development of enhancements and service packs. More importantly still, all support (even for those holding extended support agreements) was ended on July 14th 2015.

This means that any server still running the OS is no longer protected against vulnerabilities. Microsoft will no longer supply even fixes for security issues; your 2003 servers (and any data stored on them) are now completely unprotected. Worse still, your server has already been vulnerable to system outages or cybercriminal attack for the last five months.

Stop fighting the upgrade

Microsoft’s answer is to upgrade to their latest server operating system, Windows Server 2012. Obviously this comes at additional cost – particularly as your decade-old hardware is unlikely to meet the resource demands of Server 2012.

However, the investment in a server upgrade is certain to create new benefits that directly affect your profits. New hardware combined with Windows Server 2012 is certain to operate more efficiently than your existing system, helping boost employee productivity through improved access to information.

Don’t skimp

There may be a temptation to upgrade your existing system to Windows Server 2008, but doing so is a false economy. Not only has mainstream support already finished, all support for Server 2008 ends in 2020.

That may sound quite some time away, but the resource requirements for Server 2008 will put your existing system under greater load, slowing down your operations and limiting productivity and output. Which means your growth over the next five years could be severely limited by your IT.

Get professional help

Specifying a server that will support your strategic business growth plans and generate a healthy return on investment is an expert job. Here at Complete I.T. we can help you define the system you need, before sourcing, configuring and installing your new server.

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