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Work Experience at Complete I.T.

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

My name is Max and I have spent the past two weeks doing some work experience with Complete I.T. (CIT) in High Wycombe. CIT are an IT support company that have 8 different offices all based around England.

I start the day at 9:00 AM every day, on my first day I was given a work laptop which I used to make a diary and sort out what I was going to do in the coming week. I arranged 8 different meetings with 8 different departments in the company.

My first meeting was with the helpdesk team manager, he told me all about what the Helpdesk team do and how they do it, during our meeting he talked to me about auto task, a piece of software CIT use to log calls and keep everything organised, although complicated at first I soon got my head round it and realised how crucial and simple the piece of software is. I learnt how crucial the Helpdesk team were and how good they were at their jobs too! Following this meeting I went and saw the Business Development Team, they also talked me through what they do and how they do it, they told me about how they generate leads, what they do with the leads and even did a role play phone call with their colleagues to show me what they say, which was brilliant.

My third meeting was with the Office Administrator who talked me through her day to day job and how she organises every one’s diary to make sure everything sticks to schedule and there are no mistakes. She really keeps the business together! Following this meeting I spoke to the Finance department where I learnt all about their jobs and what invoices and statements are. Very…. Important job! Then I went to the internal sales department where they told me about their job and what products and services CIT provide.

My fifth meeting was with the marketing manager, who was great! I learnt about search engine optimisation (SEO) and the new concepts and logos, as CIT are going through a complete re-brand which I gave my opinion on and I must admit, were pretty good! Following this meeting I had a conference with the HR department where I learnt about what HR do and how they make sure that everyone in the business is happy and how they can improve their career!

Overall my time at CIT has been very educational and eye opening I’ve learnt about how a business like this works, everyone at the company was very polite, hardworking and helpful and my experience was fantastic.