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As of yesterday, CIT are now Cyber Essentials Accredited!!

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Archived Articles

What is Cyber Essentials?

The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme announced in June 2014 aims to drive awareness of the risks posed by cybercrime, and help smaller enterprises delivering products or services to the UK public sector to defend their IT systems, networks and customers’ data from attacks.

Cyber Essentials has a primary aim to protect businesses against common cyber threats. Companies that are Cyber Essentials accredited are equipped to protect themselves against 80% of threats, as they learn how to implement the best security measures.

The scheme focuses on five essential mitigation strategies within the context of the 10 Steps to Cyber Security guide. It provides you with clear guidance on implementation as well as offering independent certification for those who require it.

The adoption of standards and certification for cyber-security can enable your organisation, and all stakeholders, to have greater confidence in your ability to measure and reduce basic cyber risks, as it demonstrates that you have been independently assessed. The scheme focuses on 5 key controls.

For more information on the Cyber Essentials scheme please click here

“The Cyber Essentials scheme was launched in 2014 to provide basic yet cost-effective cyber security. Since then, its principles have become increasingly relevant to businesses exposed to cyber-risk. Early adopters are gaining market advantage by demonstrating their cyber-security awareness. Even as the scheme’s success grows, however, there are still concerns that many organisations underestimate the cyber-threat and the associated value of Cyber Essentials.”

What does this Accreditation mean for you, our Clients?

At CIT we pride ourselves on being the “Trusted Advisor” for our clients. Our clients must be able to trust that we manage our own internal security and procedures at the highest level.

With Cyber Essentials we can inform clients and new prospects that we have taken precautionary steps to reduce cyber risks internally and that this has been independently verified by a governing body. (In this case ISAME, one of the four accreditation bodies appointed by the UK Government)

“This achievement benefits both our company and clients by showing that we keep our data secure and proves that level of trust that this scheme provides.”

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