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Cyber Crime Essentials – Preparing your business against cyber threats

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Archived Articles

With developments in the General Data Protection Regulation and the dramatic increase in cyber threats against businesses and individuals, it’s more important than ever to prepare against the dangers that we face in this technological era.

With that in mind, Complete I.T. took a proactive approach to ensuring the best education for our valued clients, by launching the Cyber Crime Essentials Events in February 2017.

What are the ‘Cyber Crime Essentials Events’?

Research has shown that 70% of all cyber-attacks begin with human error. To protect our clients against this statistic we worked alongside our partners to put together an educational seminar that addressed the main concerns facing businesses.

Cyber threats and how to educate your team

Matt Riley, General Manager of Complete I.T.’s Thames Valley Office, discussed the various forms of cyber-crime that we are all vulnerable to. As well as how they often manage to enter our systems undetected. These methods range from a simple scam email to hackers utilising unsecured Wi-Fi networks to flood servers with infection.

To offer a solution for these threats, Matt explained the benefits of a multi-layered approach to Cyber Security and an emphasis on user awareness and education.

Multi-layered approach to Cyber Security

To protect your business from being at risk, you must be prepared. Complete I.T.’s partner Redscan (who are experts in Cyber Security) spoke about the importance of testing how secure your business is against intentional penetration that shines a light on the weaknesses in your security – a service that is now available to our clients through our partnership with Redscan.

Protecting against Ransomware with Disaster Recovery

Aside from developing a strong defense against cyber-attacks, it’s just as necessary to have a strong backup solution in place, should the worst happen.

Our partners Datto, experts in cloud-based backup solutions, demonstrated a live Ransomware attack at the event – before using their backup system to return the device to a moment before the attack occurred, preventing any business downtime.

Using Microsoft Office 365 to increase business productivity

As Gold Partners of Microsoft, Complete I.T. believe in the benefits for their cloud-based Office 365 product and how it can make business processes more efficient. Rebecca Tuck, Development Manager at Microsoft, explained the ever-increasing applications available through Office 365 and how they can transform the way you work.

The key points on GDPR

Like most businesses throughout the UK, Complete I.T. have been aware of the upcoming developments in the General Data Protection Regulations. As well as ensuring that our business is completely compliant before the deadline on May 25th, we also wanted to offer information to our clients to help guide them in their journey to GDPR compliance.

To offer the best possible education to the attendees of the Cyber Crime Essentials event, we partnered with GDPR experts TrueSwift.

Kris Jones, the founder of TrueSwift, spoke at the event explaining the different ways to hold data in a compliant and efficient manner to avoid the large fines that are due to come into play at the start of 2018.

Cyber Essentials Version 2

Over the course of 2017, Complete I.T. have held at a number of educational events, at a range of locations close to our six offices – ensuring that the opportunity to attend was available for all our clients.

The feedback from the events has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve seen the benefits that user education can have on a business, which is why we have started to develop ‘Cyber Crime Essentials Version 2’.

The next addition will focus on different areas of cyber threats and developments in technology that can have either a positive or negative impact on your businesses. This is due to be launched at the beginning of 2018.

If you would like to hear more about future educational events or other services that Complete I.T. offer, contact us to speak with one of our industry experts.  

We also have a recording of the seminar available, if you would like a copy please contact us or speak with your Account Manager or Technical Consultant

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