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Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Archived Articles

is your business prepared for a cyber attack
Whether our clients are IT professionals themselves or not, they look to us for news and ideas that can benefit their business but just because something is known to us or second nature, doesn’t mean it is known to our clients. A good example would be that Windows 7 going end of life in January next year, second nature to us, but not to our clients. Much like cyber security, our team has a vast amount of experience and knowledge on cyber security; the threats, prevention tools and resolutions but our clients may not which is why they come to us for advice.
The National Cyber Security Centre released a free toolset called “Exercise in a box” that allows businesses to work through what would happen if they were to fall victim to a number of cyber threats. These include, if a phishing email is opened by an unsuspecting employee which becomes a ransomware infection, or a malware infection from an infected USB which results in a data breach. Taking this exercise will give our clients insight into the unknown and most importantly highlight the areas of their business that are at risk.

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Completing the exercise will give you an insight into what would happen during an incident, giving you an indication as to where you need to plan and what areas you may be more at risk. With regulations such as GDPR, it is essential that you can prove you have the necessary defences in place, therefore if you do not, you may be A) at a higher risk of a data breach and B) may be liable to pay a penalty or fine.


Visit the NCSC toolset to find out if you are prepared for a cyber attack.