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Microsoft January Price Rise

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Archived Articles

As you may know from our previous communications, Microsoft have recently increased their prices for all retail and cloud based software.  This was announced in October.

Whilst all their software has had an increase, this email focuses only on Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. 

Some clients were moved to Complete I.T.’s CSP pricing model late 2016 when subscriptions were renewed, it means that any new licenses you add up until that first-year anniversary will be at the pre-increase cost.  Microsoft have announced that any subscription and license renewals as of December 2017 will be at the new pricing.  Sadly there is no getting away from it!

Anyone who is currently set to the annual upfront payment subscription model which will renew in 2017 will unfortunately be charged at the new prices for any additional licenses.  However, when your subscription comes to renew you will no longer have to pay the annual upfront payment and will be charged monthly as part of the Complete I.T. support invoice. (example: if you have 20 Business Premium users, your Complete I.T. invoice will increase by £188 a month for 12 months, rather than be invoiced for £2,256 upfront)

If you would like to discuss your Office 365 subscriptions and potential cost increase for renewing in 2017, please let your Technical Consultant or Account Manager know.