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Saving energy with the Cloud – good for the planet, good for cost saving

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Is your business seeking to cut operating costs, meet corporate social responsibility targets, or simply wanting to operate in a more environmentally-friendly way? Cutting the amount of electricity you use is a great starting point.

Basic tasks such as switching off all lights and devices at the end of the working day will help, but more drastic IT structure changes will be needed for significant savings. Here’s how using the Cloud can help your business save energy and ultimately money.

Outsourcing energy consumption

If you choose to put some or all of your IT infrastructure in the cloud, your subscription covers all of the datacentre running costs (cooling, electricity, physical security, etc.), and is far cheaper than an on-site utilities bill.

Reducing overall electricity use

On the surface, it may look like your business has done nothing environmentally friendly, merely made electricity consumption someone else’s problem, but outsourcing to a Cloud provider is not shirking your power-usage responsibility. The economies of scale that allow service providers to keep subscription costs low also help to reduce carbon footprints and electricity use.

Where your business has a handful of servers to carry out few functions, Cloud datacentres use a pool of servers that share resources between many subscribers. In this way, server resources are maximised and consolidated, increasing efficiency and reducing energy use.

More efficient datacentre technologies

Modern Cloud datacentres also make use of the most up-to-date processing and cooling technologies to reduce their own electricity consumption. Because they are more efficient, they also help to reduce carbon production.

The money saved on your utility bills can be reinvested elsewhere in the business, helping you realise even greater benefits in the long term. Use of the Cloud also underscores your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, and enables your company to meet corporate social responsibility targets.

A lower electricity bill is just one of the many benefits of using Cloud services:

  • Managing company IT systems is much easier, as the maintenance of servers and uptime responsibility becomes outsourced to your provider.
  • The pay-as-you-use model ensures that your costs are always kept to the minimum, without paying for redundant capacity, whilst enabling flexibility for future expansion along with your company’s growth.
  • Subscription ensures your IT costs are always efficiently spent, providing automatic upgrades of Cloud software, thus extending your hardware’s upgrade lifespans.

Business-targeted energy saving from Complete I.T.

Complete Power Manager (CPM), part of CIT’s Complete Workstation Management suite of products, is a powerful energy management and monitoring tool designed to regulate your IT systems. CPM can cut energy usage by as much as 48% – equating to a saving of around £32 per workstation per year, excluding the cost of the software (real world test results gathered by Complete I.T.) CPM could reduce your carbon footprint by 100kg of CO2 per device annually. CPM can be installed across your network, and manages the energy consumption of your office-based workstations, applying advanced power saving policies to the workstations when they are not in use.

Control your energy use

  • Applies automated energy saving and shutdown policies to individual PCs or laptops on a network, day or night.
  • Provides an effective and comprehensive toolset to further enhance your network management efficiency.
  • Delivers automated break scheduling and reporting, promoting users to take breaks and encouraging healthy working practices.
  • CPM can significantly reduce IT power costs across the network. Intelligent energy saving policies can be delivered across your whole organisation by department, user or computer.
  • CPM is the only power management software that can be hosted in the Cloud, allowing you to access and manage the product anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of CPM

  • Trial CPM for a month as a proof of concept to see how much energy you can save.
  • Real-time management and management reports available on demand from all workstations in the organisation.
  • Users can have a “free” copy of the software at home to help manage your user’s home energy bills (one free home licence with every business licence purchased).
  • Ideal for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

To find out more about CPM, Cloud services, reducing your electricity bill and the competitive advantages your business could be enjoying, contact the Complete I.T. team today, and our experts will be able to offer advice.