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The Modern Workplace – Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Cloud Services

The Modern Workplace

Technology has changed our lives, both within the workplace and at home. It enables us to achieve more (both in terms of workload and innovation) and it allows our teams to work smarter and safer from any device, in any location, at any time.

“Work smarter, not harder”.

A modern workplace isn’t just about having the most up to date solutions and services, it’s about enabling and empowering your team to do their jobs better, it’s about the security of your team and your data and attracting and retaining new talent.

The stats 

“44% see companies with no remote working offering as old fashioned.”

“38% would accept a position with a lower salary if they were offered remote working.”

“51% are more likely to join a company that offers remote working.”

This shift in behaviour highlights the desire for an improved home to work life balance and to encourage new and exciting talent into your company, offering remote working is something you should be considering.

“Everything I do should be secure by design.”

It is important to consider security at the forefront of anything you do, protecting your staff and your data is vital, especially as there is the constant risk of malicious cyber threats that could be detrimental to a business. Loss of data results in damage to reputation, large fines and ultimately the closure of businesses.

In our webinar “The Modern Workplace“, Dan Scott discusses the many solutions you should be considering using to ensure your teams are productive, collaborative and time efficient, and can work from anywhere on any device, in a secure environment. Enable your teams with the best solutions, many of which are free, so that they can work from home as if they are in the office.

Productivity, growth, security and scalability is what every business desires which is why enabling the right support and flexibility for your workforce is essential.


What does the office of the future look like?

Watch the webinar below to find out.

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