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Wearable Technology, do you need to be thinking about security?

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Archived Articles

Corporate businesses, the military and medical professionals have been investing in wearable technology for many years but it is only now spreading to the SME and consumer market with smart watches, glasses, hearables, fitness aids and jewellery becoming popular.

What does this mean for the security of your businesses data, do you need to start thinking about securing watches that may be linked to emails or google glasses that have access to sensitive data? Just as we had to change the way we look at security with BYOD the emergence of wearable technology is bringing with it new security threats and vulnerabilities.

I predict that in 2016 wearables are going to suffer the worst security breaches within the ‘Internet of Things’ as they are likely to contain the most personal and sensitive data.

Here are 3 tips to help you ensure the security of both personal and corporate data stored on Wearable devices in the era of BYOW – Bring your own wearable.

1.   Be aware of  the data stored

  • Company info, Bank Account details and Medical Records
  • Emails with full access to all corporate and personal information shared

2.  Use a containerised approach

  • IT Departments can allow certain emails to go through to a smart watch whilst encrypting sensitive data e.g. only allow email subject lines rather than the full email.
  • Or encrypt certain sensitive data.

3. Choose substance over style

  • Companies are now looking to secure wearables where in the first wave security was not seen as paramount.

Everyone should be aware of the emerging trends around Wearable Technology and use the above steps to ensure your business is protected from the obvious security breaches that will occur.

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