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How to protect your business against malware

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Archived Articles

how do i protect myself from malware (1)

Malware is software that has been specifically created to cause damage, disrupt or gain unauthorised access to a computer/ computer system. Malware can be referred to as a computer virus, worms, trojan horses and scareware, among other terms.

As always we recommend a multilayered approach to securing your organisation, so be sure to follow our 5 top tips.

use antivirus to prevent malware attacks (3)

Tip one: Antivirus

Installing antivirus is necessary if you own a laptop or computer. Without a reliable antivirus software to protect your tech, you are putting the safety and security of your organisation at risk of malware.

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dont download dodgy apps

Tip two: Dodgy apps

Downloading apps or programmes that are not from accredited stores such as Google Play or the Apple App Store is risky business and not something that is ever advised. Apps that are present on Google Play (an accredited store) are checked and regulated and apps that may be cause for concern are often picked up quickly and removed but unfortunately on rare occasions, they are missed downloaded by unsuspecting users. 

You can learn more about app safety below.

dont forget to patch

Tip Three: Patch

Be sure to keep your computer patches up to date. This will help protect your computer from any known malware.

It is very important that you install the latest software and app updates in order to help protect your computer as attackers take advantage of outdated design which can put your personal data at risk.

Are you installing the latest software? If not, discover why you should be below.

switch on your firewall to protect from malware

Tip Four: Turn on your firewall

Turning this on will create a “barrier” that will effectively protect your network from nasty external networks. The purpose is to prevent unauthorised external networks from gaining access via the internet, so that they can’t access your network and therefore all of your private data. 

So be sure to switch this on as an extra layer as protection!

control the usbs used in your business

Tip five: Control the USB

It’s crazy to think that a small USB could cause so much harm. Yes, it’s easy to use these portable devices to transfer files between organisations and people but it takes just one infected USB (containing malware) to cause all hell to let loose and damage your organisations reputation.

It is recommended to put a ban on the use of USB devices in the workplace and instead use systems like SharePoint to share information and files, safely and securely. Additionally, if you need to use a USB in the office then it is recommended that you specifically give your team an approved USB memory stick to use within your organisation to eliminate potential external risks.

Learn more about “What is SharePoint and why it is great” or contact us today to discuss all things cyber security.