Cybergeddon – fact or fiction?

For a long time, security professionals have predicted large-scale security incidents being initiated via a cyber-attack, but now may be the time to take these warnings seriously.

7 strategies phish

7 strategies to combat phishing attacks

In today’s post, we look at phishing attacks in some more depth and outline the top 7 ways to avoid anyone in your organisation getting hooked


Can you recognise phishing attacks? Check now!

See if you can get full marks on our phishing test. Afterall one wrong answer could open your organisation up to cyber criminals.

Webroot cyber security report

Webroot’s Cybersecurity Report Summary – Blog

Here at Complete I.T. we know you are busy scaling your businesses, so we have condensed the 24 page report into today’s blog post

Webroot cyber security info

Webroot’s Cybersecurity Report Summary – Infographic

If you don’t fancy reading the blog, digest Webroot’s Cybersecurity Report with our infographic instead!


Ransomware – What is it?

In this infographic we look at what Ransomware is and how you can protect yourself against it.

72 hours breach

What to do in the first 72 hours of a data breach

If you find yourself the victim of a data breach make sure you follow this timeline of how to respond.


Are your employees GDPR compliant?

Find out if your employees are GDPR compliant with our free self assessment!

Cyber threat quiz

Can your team recognise cyber threats?

Cyber threats hit organisations multiple times a day. Have your team take this free test to find out if they know how to spot them!