How well do you know Microsoft

How well do you know Microsoft?

Well, the answer is that we know them very well – with 4 Microsoft Gold competencies and 2 Microsoft Silver competencies

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Why you should move to the cloud

It’s been a while since we last wrote about the benefits associated with moving your business to the cloud, so we thought we would give the list a bit of an update!

Microsoft 365, what is it and how is it different to Office 365?

Microsoft recently introduced Microsoft 365 a bundle of existing products under one license, saving small to medium businesses time and money.


How the Cloud can Benefit your Business – Microsoft Azure

With the options in cloud solutions continually increasing, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your business.

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PLEASE READ: Wireless Vulnerability Threat

You may have seen or read in the press this week that there is a new cyber security risk relating to wireless network security.

Laptop with Privacy warning - Data Protection

The biggest game-changer in data protection and privacy legislation for decades

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is something that most businesses will have heard about by now the publicity surrounding GDPR is increasing on a daily basis and will do for the foreseeable future, but do you need to be aware and listen to the hype?

Internet of Things – What are the dangers?

Developments in technology have brought about the era of the ‘Internet of Things’(IoT), instead of manually changing your heating – now you can go into an app from miles away and change it from your phone!

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Is your data safe in the Cloud?

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in cloud computing within businesses, with a recent Forrester study estimating that global cloud service revenues are growing by 30% on an annual basis.

The easiest way to schedule meetings – FindTime by O365

Do you struggle to find a time to meet that you can all make? Does it take more time deciding when to meet than the actual meeting?
FindTime solves that problem with one simple solution from Microsoft Office 365.

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How do we start moving to the Cloud?

Chances are that by now your business has heard about “the Cloud”. Simply put, it’s a collection of on-demand computing resources delivered over the Internet. It’s also a way to access all the processing power and storage your business needs to build an IT infrastructure that will grow and flex in line with changing business strategy.